Using Anka

Anka Virtualization CLI

There are many ways in which our customers utilize the Anka Virtualization CLI to automate the VM creation and preparation process:

  • Through the anka create command on the host machine:
    ❯ anka create -a 13.1 13.1-arm
  • By executing your project installation commands and scripts inside of VMs from the host terminal with anka run and also directly inside the VM with anka cp & anka run.
  • Any manual steps you need to perform in the GUI can be done through VNC or automated with Anka Click Scripts.
  • Create Packer Templates and run them to perform the steps for VM creation and preparation with our packer builders and post-provisioner..

Anka list start and run

Getting Started

Step by step to understanding the Anka Virtualization CLI

Command-line Reference

Anka CLI Reference

Environment Variables

A list of available environment variables for the Anka CLI

Modifying the Global Configuration

How to modify the Global Anka Virtualization configuration


How to upgrade the Anka Virtualization package


Steps for uninstalling the Anka Virtualization package

Working with USB Devices (intel only)

Using the Anka CLI and API to setup and manage USB devices.

Graphics Acceleration / Apple Metal

Using Apple’s Metal/GPUs inside of your Anka VMs.

Nested Virtualization (intel only)

Running Docker and other types of virtualization within your Anka VMs.


Release Notes